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Energy Saving

eDriveTM ventilation system

Lennox Rooftops integrate, the new eDriveTM which provides high energy efficiency, reduced set up time and low service costs.

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energy efficiency ventilation system

Advanced refrigeration circuit design

The refrigeration circuit is responsible for up to 40% of the total annual energy consumption of a typical packaged air conditioning unit.

  • R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant with the highest efficiency.
  • Multistage scroll compressor design for best possible energy efficiency year round.
  • Optimised heat exchange surface area guaranty superior performance whatever the conditions and improves operating limits.

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energy efficiency refrigeration system

Water Source Heat Pump Rooftop Range

  • Designed around our current R410A Rooftop Range
  • Capacities: 45kW to 200kW cooling or heating
  • Designed for High Energy efficiency
    • R410a Refrigerant
    • The Only Eurovent Certified product of the market
  • Flexible and Cost Effective
    • Individual energy metering
    • Water loop system installed separately from heat pumps
    • Heat transfer between large common areas and store

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water source heat pump

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