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Commercial Close Control Airconditioning Units

commercial airconditioning

INNOV@™, Providing IT Climate Technology

New design meets new requirements. Just as the theory of Moore's law, the design of data centres & computer rooms moves us fast into a new era.

The evolution of data-communication technology has never grown as fast as it does today, or as it will tomorrow. Communication infrastructure is the standard in our society, but looking forward the needs will require a new level of service. The data communication market of today has specific requirements including high valued security and sustainability demands.

The respect for the natural environment, green solutions and energy efficiency need to meet tomorrows demand.

Lennox International has been established in 1895 In the United States Lennox and you can find us at the New York Stock Exchange under the name LII. Today Lennox Europe has been involved for over 30 years in the production and design of Close Control Air-conditioning. With the design of the INNOV@™ range Lennox lives up to the required specifications and energy efficient control

Commercial aircon

INNOV@™ Energy Inverter

The new series of INNOV@™ ENERGY Inverter Close Control Air Conditioning Units introduce modulating colling capacity for computer room and datacenter solutions. e-Drive technology integrated in Close Control Unit allow to optimize cooling capacity to the requirement. espacially in X-treme density environments where the cooling capacity is normally lower than the design value.

Modulating cooling capacity from 25-100% combined with quick reaction against the load variation [6Hz / second] INNOV@™ ENERGY Inverter introduces a new flexibility in Close Control Air-conditioning.

Commercial energy inverter

HDC High Density Cooler

Close Control Unit for High Density Systems Standard Features
  • Spot Cooling : where and when you need it
  • Air-flow switch
  • Full Accessibility
  • High pressure radial fans with backward curved blades
  • High efficiency hydrophilic finned coil with aluminium structure
  • Two drain pans made of AISI 430 stainless steel
  • Hydraulic connections from the top and from the bottom
  • Powder-coated metal sheet structure
  • Rapid electrical connections
  • Footprint only 300x1200mm
  • Fully insulated panels
  • 2 or 3 way water valve, modulating by means of a 1-10 V signal
  • Programmable control with LCD display
  • Clockcard
  • Several different air-flow configurations
Commercial high density cooler

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