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About Us

Pictech proudly boasts more than 100 years of cumulative engineering expertise, with roots extending as far back as 1975. Our team's extensive experience spans a broad spectrum of areas, including consulting engineering, mechanical engineering contracting, project management, and comprehensive multi-disciplinary service contracts. This includes specialised skills in compressor overhaul/rebuilds, international sales, and collaborative projects with five leading international manufacturing corporations.

Our global footprint includes the supply and installation of equipment across a wide range of settings, from residential to commercial and industrial environments. Our projects encompass diverse venues such as shopping malls, hotels, pharmaceutical facilities, data centers, and the largest installations of chiller plants in underground mines.

Our Background

Our Mission

Pictech is committed to leading the way in energy-efficient HVAC solutions in South Africa, responding to the challenges of rising energy costs and electricity shortages. The company focuses on developing highly efficient machines and advanced energy recovery units to reduce energy consumption and operational costs, while also addressing environmental concerns. Through innovation in energy saving and recovery, Pictech aims to provide sustainable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly HVAC options, supporting both the economy and the environment.

Sound Engineering

Our Team

Bob Edmiston

Managing Directior

(+27) 82 450 4082

John Davidovics

Service Manager

(+27) 82 374 7346

Ross Edmiston

Project Development Manager 

(27+) 82 493 5298

Grant Edmiston

Export Manager

(27+) 82 830 5041

 Our Clients

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