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Heat Pumps 

Water-Cooled Chiller


The latest Hitachi’s R134a refrigerant high efficiency twin screw compressors. In 1972 we manufactured the first semi-hermetic twin-screw compressor in refrigeration areas. Until now we have delivered more than 200000 Hitachi twin-screw compressors to countries around the world. WZ Series adopt the latest Hitachi G-type compressors, which provides greater service to clients.


Cooling Capacity - 358-1830kw

Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller

VM Series

Oil free worry free/Highly efficient/Stable & Reliable

Hitachi magnetic bearing centrifugal compressor is designed with high speed direct drive design, without speed increase gear, reducing transmission loss, and based on magnetic levitation technology, the use of proprietary magnetic bearings instead of traditional mechanical bearings, allows for no lubricating oil, further reduce mechanical losses. With Hitachi's high-efficiency two-stage impeller, the COP at full load can be as high as 6.81 and the comprehensive part-load efficiency IPLV can be as high as 9.29 under the GB standard working conditions.


Cooling Capacity - 703-3668kw

Air-Cooled Screw Chiller


Hitachi’s new air-cooled chiller (AZ(P)Y1 Series) adopts more efficient semi-hermetic twin-screw compressor and better shell-and-tube dry type evaporator brings you significant energy saving experience under stable and durable operation.


Cooling Capacity - 158-1602kw

Centrifugal Chiller


Hitachi High Efficiency Centrifugal Chillers realize the world top-level high efficiency and downsizing thanks to the advanced technologies to optimize the design of compressors and heat-exchangers. Several series of product lineup and flexible model selections satisfy huge variety of customers’ demand such as energy saving, space saving, etc.


Cooling Capacity - 1055-3692kw

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